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Please note: The following Gallery is a representation of the late BERTHOLD SHWAIGER 'S WORK, and this page is based on the Product Sheets that he used when he was alive. Since Mr. Schwaiger passed away, it is no longer possible to order his custom products. However, Gallery examples of some of these designs DO exist, and are for sale to insterested buyers. Contact Bauhaus Workshop for details.

Any mention of Chicago Bauhaus Studio or Chicago Bauhaus Academy on these Product Sheets are references to the institutions founded by Berthold Schwaigerto carry out his work . Since his death, these corporations have been dissolved. While Bauhaus Workshop is carrying on at the same location and uses methods developed by Berthold Schwaiger, we are a completely new company, founded to carry on his educational legacy. We are not affiliated or allied with any former Officers, Board Members or Staff of the former Chicago Buahaus Studios or Chicago Bauhaus Academy.

Arts and Crafts Style Wall Unit

Arlene Rakoncay wanted an arts and crafts style piece that displayed her art poignantly in a corner of her room. The 9 x 7 foot natural white oak piece goes almost wall to wall...
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Chin Dresser

A visible white oak mortis and tenon framework structure suspends the catalpawood drawers inside. The design for the thirteen dresser drawers is based on the trigonometry...
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Classic Couch

Inspired by ancient Egyptian and Roman designs, this elegant piece is made from air-dried white oak and measures 30" deep and 96" wide...
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Fibonacci Framework Chest

An elegant piece of engineering and joinery, the Fibonacci chest measures 64" square and 18.5" deep. The chest is composed of six drawers and three cabinets...
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Kuai Buffet

This buffet, which cosage orange wood with mulberry wood, rests on a single base. Atop that are two slightly separated cabinets...
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Light Box

The shell of the box is made of two bands of steam bent solid walnut. The bands are connected by overlap joints that are reinforced with architectural bolts...
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Modular Dresser

his organically shaped piece is hand sculpted to have a seemingly molded form inspired by retro/modern molded plastic furniture of the 60's and 70's...
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Schaafsma Multi-functional Hallway Wall Unit

Patent attorney Paul Schaafsma had a narrow hallway in his loft, where nothing seemed to fit. He hit on the idea for a multi-functional custom-designed unit to fill his entire wall...
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The Schwaiger Chair

A companion piece to the Schwaiger table, the chair was designed in the same spirit of the table and curves with the natural contours of the body...
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The Schwaiger Table

Originally commissioned to engineer a natural wood dining room set for a client who favored round shapes, Schwaiger set forth on a design that would produce an extendable table that would comfortably sit eight to 10 people...
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Side Board and Coffee Table

This solid ash sideboard with a purpleheart band and white acrylic disc inlays possesses a seemingly effortless balance of contemporary and traditional design...
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Stitch Bench

The bench top is made up of long even strips and square blocks of solid maple that are intricately joined as if they were stitched together forming a harmonious pattern...
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Triple Helix Table

Based on a metal table design that Schwaiger admired in Europe during the 60's, the genius of the triple helix table is the complex conversion of this flowing form to wood.
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Yount Library Wall Unit

This wall unit was created to rest on the living room library wall of an old Victorian house. The client asked for a mission arts and craft style piece of art...
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