Insomnia Theater offers 24x7 LISTENING to a treasure trove of recordings by the fantastic Jean Shepherd that will engage you to while away the wee hours in a relaxing way. Something to listen to and enjoy but something you can fall asleep to........

Status: Server is BACK UP as of 2:36 AM CDT 10/8/2017 THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE

The server crashed AGAIN sometime early 10/8....we're using the version suggested by the software supplier, but if this continues to crash we will roll the server software back to the 2015 version which doesn't crash but which does not support certain features....]


8-18-17 The streaming server operating system was upgraded and a new version of the Shoutcast server software was installed. These sorts of things always help with security and reliability.

Please consider using your PayPal account to make a small donation so that Insomnia Theater can continue to pay for the stream server. Right now, we get one or two donations a month ranging in size from $2 to $25, averaging a total of $12 a month. We need $15 a month to keep going, so please consider donating. To donate, click the PayPal button. Thanks!


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Don't forget our other stream- the 100% Hard Boiled radio drama of AUDIO NOIR.

If you are interested in obtaining the BEST COPIES AVAILABLE of the Jean Shepherd audio material, you can't go wrong with tapes and CDs from SCHMIDCO!


More information on Jean Shepherd can be found here on the FLICK LIVES website.