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AUDIO NOIR ON THE RADIO If you live in certain parts of Chicago, IL or Oak Creek, WI, you can hear AUDIO NOIR on your FM radio. THESE ARE VERY LOW-POWER, LIMITED RANGE SIGNALS- basically a few people are sending out Audio Noir using those little gizmos that let you listen to your iPod on an FM radio. Reception area is VERY LIMITED but there are people who have heard the signal; give it a try; tune around the bottom of the dial with your FM radio and if you hear BROADWAY IS MY BEAT etc then you've found us! Generally speaking these signals are 24 x 7, but sometimes they go off the air for necessary technical fiddling.

Please consider using your PayPal account to make a small donation so that Audio Noir can continue to pay for the stream server. Right now, we get a few donations a month ranging in size from $2 to $50, averaging a total of $45 a month over the last year. We have just expanded the capacity of the streaming service to 350 listeners; the cost to us for the streaming is now $55 a month. There are often more than 250 listeners, I am hopeful that between you it will be possible to raise the $55 a month needed. We used to break even, but with the recession, donations have really slowed. We need $55 a month to keep going, so please consider donating. To donate, click the PayPal button, or send check or money order to the address below. Thanks!

Or, if you prefer, you can send a donation to:


6525 N Clark St.

Chicago, IL 60626

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If you are a subscriber and wish to unsubscribe, log into your PayPal account and navigate to the PREAPPROVED PAYMENTS section and delete the recurring payment to Audio Noir. Paypal has recently gone through a redesign and this may be difficult to find. If you have difficulty, please contact PayPal support, they will help you. PayPal used to provide an "UNSUBSCIBE" button but they no longer provide such a button, sorry. You can also do a Google Search on 'cancel a paypal subscription' which will give you lots of help with this procedure.

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