Here are a few MP3 files which you can download and listen to any time you want- these are some of my favorite shows.


The Red Wind

The classic Raymond chandler story was done TWICE on the Philip Marlowe series. The first one was the debut of 'The New Adventures of Philip Marlowe' series on NBC June 17, 1947. It starred Van Heflin as Marlowe, and I think it is the best Chandler adaptation ever aired on radio.

The second version marked the debut of 'The Adventures of Philip Marlowe' when it moved to CBS on September 26, 1948. This version used a different script and starred Gerald Mohr as Marlowe. It is also a fine adaptation of the Chandler short story, though in my opinion the tone of Van Heflin's Marlowe better carried off the world-weary persona of Chandler's protagonist.

RED WIND 1 - with Van Heflin

RED WIND 2 - with Gerald Mohr

NOTES: Both of these tracks have quite good audio with full sound effects and studio orchestra.


Ninety Minutes Of My Audio Noir Favorites

Here's 90 minutes of my favorite programs - Broadway is My Beat (Harold Clark Case Oct 27, 1950) , Pat Novak (Jack of Clubs, Feb 20 1949) and Rogues Gallery (Cabin on the Lake, July 7, 1946) Audio quality for all of these specific episodes is quite good and lets you appreciate the high standards of audio production that went into these dramas, which were produced LIVE as tape recording had not yet come into wide use in the creation of radio drama.


On a computer, LEFT-Click the link to listen on your computer; RIGHT CLICK and select SAVE AS to download.